Black-Jewish Entertainment Alliance Hosts 2nd Annual Freedom Seders From Coast to Coast

  • Leeron Tal, Director, Communications & Events of She Ready Foundation; Tiffany Haddish

  • Justin Hunte; Christian Kouma; Sudan Archives; DJ Duo Z3LLA Music; Nate Auerbach. Partner at Versus Creative

  • Rabbi Erez Sherman, Sinai Temple; and Dr. John-Paul C. Foster. Senior Pastor at Faithful Central Bible Church

  • Vin Rock

High profile entertainment industry executives & Grammy-winning artists gathered to explore freedom and liberation

Los Angeles – To celebrate Passover and explore the continued struggle for freedom, the Black-Jewish Entertainment Alliance (“BJEA”) hosted Freedom Seders in New York City and Los Angeles. Freedom Seders are a tradition dating back to the first anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., when Jewish and Black activists came together in Washington, D.C. to share a meal in solidarity. For both communities, they serve as historical totems connecting the past and present. The New York City seder was held in partnership with UJA-Federation New York.

The seders, held prior to and during Passover, brought together over 200 Black and Jewish entertainment industry leaders, including actors, musicians, producers, executives, and writers, alongside community leaders and activists. Faith leaders helped facilitate both seders. Rabbi Heather Miller, founder of The Multitudes co-led the New York City event. And in Los Angeles, the seder was co-led by Sinai Temple’s Rabbi Erez Sherman and Dr. John-Paul C. Foster, Senior Pastor at Faithful Central Bible Church in Los Angeles. Through ritual, songs, and storytelling, attendees renewed their commitment to combating injustice and the collective pursuit for freedom.

To organize the seders, BJEA worked with Nate Auerbach, partner at Versus Creative, a leading music marketing agency, who has hosted Freedom Seders for eight years. “The Freedom Seder uses the framework and symbols of the traditional Passover ritual dinner to explore modern themes of liberation and justice. I have been hosting iterations of this program for nearly a decade and continue to learn how important it is to build unity through consistency” said Auerbach, whose company connects communities to music and culture through storytelling and meaningful experiences. “Our intention is to grow a deeper understanding for one another’s unique experiences through open conversation, by asking questions and in sharing a delicious meal.” 

“I had a good time at the NYC Freedom Seder. I learned more about the Jewish community and inclusive culture,” said Vin Rock, of the Grammy Award winning group Naughty By Nature. “I also met new people to network with and had an awesome meal paired with great stories over a few glasses of wine!”

“These Seders empower entertainment industry professionals from the Black and Jewish communities to discuss unity, freedom and solidarity,” said BJEA Manager Cory Litwin, who is also a Managing Partner at Range Media, whose clients inlcude Murda Beatz & Da Baby. “Both communities have suffered greatly and continue to experience oppression today – so to share a meal and lean on the timeless story of Passover to learn from one another is extremely powerful.”

The program brought together high-profile entertainment industry executives, entertainers, and creatives from the music industry for an evening of remembrance and conversation. Host Committee Members and Attendees included Tiffany Haddish, Actress; Vin Rock, Artist/ Naughty By Nature; Daniel Glass, Founder & CEO, Glassnote Entertainment Group; Brian Dobbins, Co-President, Artists First; Steve Lobel, CEO, We Working & Lobel Music Group; Jeriel Johnson, Founder/CEO, Telescope Arts & Music Group; Phylicia Fant, Head of Music Industry & Culture Collaborations, Amazon Music; Kenny Hamilton, Entrepreneur/Founder CSH Management Group, Inc.; Aton Ben-Horin, EVP, A&R Warner Music Group & CEO, Plush Management; Binta Brown, Partner, Manatt, Phelps & Phillips; Emmanuelle Chriqui, Actress; Cory Litwin, Music Executive/Manager; Autumn Rowe, 3x Grammy Winning Songwriter/ Producer, Artist, Activist & DJ; Nate Auerbach, Partner at Versus Creative; Ari Ingel, Executive Director of Creative Community for Peace; amongst many others.

The BJEA was founded to bring the Black and Jewish communities together in solidarity, to support each other in their struggles, and to better understand each other’s plight and narratives.


Black-Jewish Entertainment Alliance (BJEA) is the first initiative by Black and Jewish entertainment industry leaders dedicated to building bridges between their respective communities and countering institutional racism and antisemitism. To learn more, please visit: